Monday, April 20, 2015

Mr. Adey Has Something Important To Say On The Book Of Faces.


Longtime reader, and oft-times Twittmachine wurlitzer of goings on round here, Merv Adey, points out on Facebook that something significant happened in the Ledge during question period earlier today. 

Given that you probably won't see or hear about this on local newscasts we thought we'd bring Merv's message to you by way of the bloggodome:

In question period today, BCLiberal cabinet minister Virk is nailed for hiding the existence of public documents. The NDP tabled briefing notes the govt denied existed, emails the govt denied existed. Much was redacted as "advice to cabinet" which is fair enough, but if those emails were deleted by the sender, Nick Facey, who was involved in reviewing Mr. Virk's role in a salary scandal at Kwantlen College? Then Nick Facey may have breached the Freedom of Information Act.

It seems like our provincial govt is involved in serial, intentional cover ups. But the reporters on the TeeVee news still quote their press releases as fact.

Check the Hansard link above and scroll down to Question Period. It really is unbelievable...


Background on what went down at Kwantlen, for context, can be found...Here....And...Here.



Bill said...

Watched the 7pm repeat of Question Period on cable 118 and as you and Merv report it is astounding what these Liberals do and say.

The Opposition has really been doing the research work and follow up to catch out the Libs transgressions on many fronts. Today's FOI question line was a slam dunk checkmate in three questions (and further follow up evidence) that sharkey/shaky Virk again feebly fumbled.

The squirming Liberals stand up, start moving their lips and their pants spontaneously combust as their noses elongate. They can only hope that too few watch the proceedings and that the likes of Palmer, Baldrey and 'family' will deflect, minimize and spin the ongoing their scandals.

If more people tuned in to see the back and forth of QP for themselves the Liberals and their 'friendlies, would be relegated to sad history.

Anonymous said...

taking ,unsearchable,jpeg photos of documents instead of a searchable PDF?

Anonymous said...

Lew said...

The Official Opposition should rightly be raising hell in the Legislature about the blatant contempt shown by the BC Liberals for FOI legislation. Many of us have also come up against it personally and have used our own resources in an attempt to have our legal right to information recognized. Like the NDP, we have many war stories to relate.

What is troubling however, is that the institutions that should be first in line seeking not only the information denied to the opposition and the public but which should be following all manner of leads and dark deeds on our behalf rarely complain about denial of access. Bob Mackin and Andrew Macleod aside, where are the horror stories from Baldrey, Palmer, Fletcher, Mason, Leslie, McComb, Hume et al? They’re either getting everything they ask for from government and not sharing it with us, or they’re not even asking.

Sherlock Holmes questioned the dog that didn’t bark. Why aren’t these dogs barking?

JasonS said...

Why aren’t these dogs barking?
Because paper tigers don`t bark.
They just flutter in the farts.