Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Best Take I Have Read On The Federal Budget So Far...


...Comes from Michael Harris writing at iPolitics.

Here is his one liner on the winners:

..(T)here are some winners in Budget 2015. If you’re a wealthy CSIS agent with a stay-at-home wife who believes the beheaders are coming to the 905 belt — this, my friend, is the budget for you...

To see how much the rest of Canada will lose go read his entire piece on Mr. Harper's murdering of the math...Here.


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Anonymous said...

Agree...Michael Harris keeps nailing it:
"Forget Duffy, Canadians need to wake up to Harper’s true incompetence"

"The same prime minister who adamantly blocked Cuba’s participation in the Summit of the Americas in 2012 now shaking hands with President Raul Castro. What’s next, Harper in a Che Guevara T-shirt having a stogie with Fidel?

While Canada’s PM was abandoning any ideological high ground by sucking around for a meeting with Castro, the federal cabinet was congratulating itself for its “world-class” reaction to an oil spill in the waters off Vancouver’s legendary Stanley Park."