Tuesday, April 07, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...We Never Really Wanted That Award Thingy Anyway.


Remember how that $200 million dollar 'Integrated Case Management System' debacle that doesn't work and is making it even harder for frontline Ministry of Child and Family Development folks to do their job was up for a 'Premier's Award'?

Well, after a bit of kerfuffle from a crazy little thing called an Auditor General's report, it would seem that the Wizards and the PAB-Bots have had second thoughts:

VICTORIA — A troubled government computer system criticized by British Columbia’s auditor general for being incomplete and not meeting expectations has been deleted from the shortlist of a civil-service award...


...The project was nominated last fall for the annual Premier’s Awards of Innovation and Excellence.

The government’s Public Service Agency confirmed in a statement issued (last) Wednesday the computer system did not make the final cut for the award ceremony scheduled for later this month.

“Every year there are far more nominations than can be recognized in the award process,” said the statement...


Given all that, we're surprised that the Birdman and the Content Consultant's inoperative fare gates haven't won the Premier's super-duper, extra-special Premier's bonanza bonus already.

Or some such thing.

And as for that 'Integrated Decision Making System' that will make it harder.....errrrr...easier to track giveaways to the resource extractors?...Well, that's a train still comin'...At a price of another $100 million...So far, at least.



Anonymous said...

Why is nobody asking WHO nominated that turd?

Probably the same brainiacs that nominated Campbell for the OBC.

Anonymous said...

20 pennies pay raise for BC min wage,not living wage.

200 million for software that not used in other provinces?

200 million for compass turnstyles that may need to be turned into an ipp by adding windblades to generate revenue.?

2,000 million for massey tunnel replace that noone knows how much doubling current tunnel would have been as alternative.

10,000 million for site c,that BC Hydro domestic demand has been FLAT at about 53/53 GWH for past 10YEARS
1 Trillion LNG economy?Vaporware?

Paul Ramsey said...

The name of the "IDM" (Integrated Decision Making) project has been changed, since the ICM project descended into purgatory and the happy congruence of acronyms is now an unhappy one. We are to be integrated no longer. The $100M+ consultorama has been re-christened the "Natural Resources Permitting Project". Nurp!

RossK said...