Thursday, April 16, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...The Simultaneous Dissing And Word Salading Of The Supreme Court Decision.


First, as recorded by Sean Leslie of CKNW, the 'Dissing':

Premier Christy Clark says there are no plans to phase out the daily prayer that opens each sitting of the legislature.

This after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled a municipality in Quebec can no longer open its meetings with prayers, as the state must remain neutral on religion...

Next, as also recorded by Mr. Leslie, the 'Salading':

...“You know the thing in British Columbia is, the prayer is sometimes it’s a prayer that’s completely non-religious. Sometimes it does refer to God or Allah or Jehovah, or any of the other names that people use for God.” (said Clark)...


I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by this.

After all, it's not like the good premier hasn't dissed the court before while dribbling  the lettuce and the dressing out of both sides of her mouth.

And just so you know, it would appear that the good Mr. Leslie  kinda/sorta sees a method in Ms. Clark's madness salad given that he ends his piece with the following: "In fact, some MLA’s who deliver the daily prayer don’t mention God at all."....Hmmmm...I wonder if Mr. Leslie though to ask any of those MLA's if they did that on purpose to, for example, make a point?



Anonymous said...


Christy's a font of comedic wealth for the likes of Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel:

sd said...

I bet they're praying the SCC doesn't side with the BCTF! I've been watching question period since I'm home a lot now and boy it's hard on the stomach. This land deal has even Mikey covering it, but have yet to see any of this on the TeeVee. Oh well,l I wonder when my medical records will be more than 15% finished.82 million for 15% so far, but the good Dr.Lake says all is good.Like I said, I eat after question period!