Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Thing I Learned Today...


At first I just thought they were just messing around cleaning things up down the left field line.

But something's really happening at Nat Bailey.

They're actually putting seats out there as a bit of an overhang which will also entail bringing the fence in a little (going from 335' to 315') and cutting it down out in the corners.

Should be interesting and make the place more of a hitter's park, I reckon.

Because it's not just the wall position. Additionally, it looks like there is going to be even less (if that is even possible) foul ground down the lines as they move the bullpens out into the corners as well.

Only one thing that might be a little problematic...

Which is that it is now April and they've barely got the foundations in with Opening Day just 10 weeks away.

Good little explanatory story from last fall in 'Battersbox' by JBrumfield with an artist's rendering and everything...Here. 
Sub-Header?...It's a long story with a late night WPKish-type twist...But I'll never tell...At least not the entire thing as it might incriminate me...You'll have to ask my editor who I assume I'll hear from any second now via either landline or goddamn Mojo-Wire...Heckfire, this copy might even be mangled beyond recognition by the time I wake up tomorrow....



Rusty M said...

Jeez, the next thing you know they're gonna put bleacher seats atop the Green Monster. I think I just heard the ghost of Alonzo Powell moaning ..

sd said...

Your right Ross, it used to be "almost" free if you went early.I remember when my son was a young and "eventual" big leaguer, we would trek in from Surrey to catch AAA ball. We saw lots of guys who went on to be stars in the show. Then came the grisly Grizzlies and sucked up all the media and ad monies. So, Sacramento ended up with the franchise and have been making money ever since. Nothing wrong with A ball but I can't help but think what might have been in regards to a Nat Bailey. On another note I do also hold Al Davis responsible ( along with the Oakland City Council)for ruining the Colosseum. It really was a beautiful place. But growing up in the Bay in the 60's I was a BIG GIANTS fan.I remember catching AC transit with my Dad down San Pablo Ave. to Emeryville and on to the electric bus that took us under the Bay Bridge(yes the bottom was only transit back then) to the Muni hub in S.F. where we caught a bus right to Candlestick.On one afternoon in 62 we watched the Pirates beat the Giants,BUT, great things were about to happen! Back then the players would park, enter and leave through a gate on the right field line, similar to the Nat. All the kids knew that the players would emerge from that gate and we were ready! Low and behold emerged Willie Mays(my all time) and Mr. Willie McCovey. We crowded around them as they made there way to Mr. Mays 61 black on black Cadillac. I was next to Willie as he opened the drivers door,that's when the magic happened. Somehow I was pushed ( jumped) into the back seat of the car.On the other side was another kid I didn't know behind McCovey. Of corse Mr. Mays asked us to leave and I had the nerve to say no. The Mr. McCovey said " now you boys have to get out". Well you didn't argue with him so I struck a deal. AUTOGRAPHS! They both signed my program for that days game and I retreated from the car Victorius! I can't say just how incredibly nice both men were to two 12 year old fans. Needless to say this couldn't happen today. Thanks for letting me share. GO GIANTS!!!!

RossK said...


Stay away!

Or the Ghost will hit fungos off your skull.

Either that or he will institute the anti-driving conspiracy headed-up by Chocolate Roy somewhere around Bullhead City.

And remember...

There are no Day Games In Vegas!



Heckuva a story.

Have a friend who grew up in the Bay Area in the 40's who has regaled me with stories about taking the ferry across the bay, both ways, to catch same day Oaks and Seals day-night doubleheaders.

Did your kid really play pro-ball?



RossK said...


Send me an Email would'ya.

Either my work one or pacificgazette at yahoo dot ca


sd said...

Ross, no that's why I added the " ". He had shoulder surgery in high school. He's now a student doctor in Chandler Arizona. But you know, every parent thinks their kid is a star.

sd said...

Your friend probably saw the mighty Casey Stengel manage the Oaks.

Eleanor Gregory said...

So will the new construction interfere with the view from the free seats on the hillside of Little Mountain?

RossK said...


Geez Louize...I should pay better attention...And you told me already about his current profession...



That's a good question...It might if you are watching to the right of the scoreboard when you are up on the hill (i.e. into left field).

My freebie seat of choice these days is to climb the fire-exit steps on the back of the gymnastics building out beyond the right field wall...The view looks like....This.