Friday, April 24, 2015

Federal Election (Not So) Slow Train Comin'...Where To Find Local Coverage.


First, for some really good stuff on what's up in various and assorted ridings province-wide, check out proMedia guy Justin McElroy's amateur blog (it's kinda/sorta like McSushi Boy's place back in the old days). Today he's got a post up on the 13 ridings where anything could happen.

The following, on Vancouver South, is but one example of Mr. McElroy's insight and sense of humour:

...Wai Young, who defeated Oscar Bluth Ujjal Dosanjh in the Conservatives’ only Vancouver win in 2011, faces a tough battle against Harjit Sajjan, a lieutenant-colonel who also served on the Vancouver Police’s gang squad. This is one of those ridings the Liberals have pencilled in if they have any chance of forming government come October, and with no declared NDP or Green candidates yet, it could shape up into a de facto one-on-one battle with the CPC that would favour them.

Having said that, the effect of a nasty dispute over Sajjan’s nomination that went public late last year won’t be known until campaigning begins in earnest. And the riding has increasingly favoured right-wing candidates in municipal and provincial election...

And for those that won't real detail a good starting place is the Port Moody-Coquitlam Election 2015 blog. It's a bland name, but a most interesting hunka hunka burnin' notlove for all things Con, at least so far, in that riding.

Tip O' The Toque to Alison for the heads-up on the PoMoCoq blog.


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