Friday, October 26, 2012

BCL Convention....We Are All Free Enterprisers & Socreds Now!


Well, well, well....

Sorry to be cackling 'told you so!', but it appears that it's 'Free Enterprisers Forever!' at the BC Liberal Party convention a staight-shot up the Super-Condo Highway from Lotusland Central.

Jesse Johnston of WX has the story...Here's his lede:

The BC Liberal Convention kicked off in Whistler today with a lengthy discussion on the topic of free enterprise.

"Put aside your political affiliation," Premier Christy Clark said in her opening address. "Do you want to be part of building a free enterprise coalition in British Columbia? Do you want to be part of creating a thriving private sector in our province? Yes!"

Clark then turned over the stage to Brad Bennett, the son of Bill Bennett and grandson of WAC Bennett.

"In the past 60 years free enterprise has been successful of governing the province for 80 percent of the last 60 years," Bennett says. "I can think of a couple good reasons for that. One is the NDP just isn't very good at governing."

Clark also got an endorsement from former BC cabinet minister and Social Credit Party leader Jack Weisgerber. Weisgerber isn't attending the event in person, but sent a video message in which he voiced his support for a government that backs businesses...


Meanwhile, Andrew MacLeod of The Tyee explains why Voldemort is Dead on the TwittMachine.

Doubly-meany mean and wild, The Globe's Justine Hunter couldn't help but wonder if, after listening to the contorted exhortations of the faithful, if this is actually the convention of a Fringe Party.

Finally, who, exactly, was paying for 'our' Director of Outreach to be up the Highway of Super-Condos today anyway?

And, just in case you might have forgotten that all of the finest of fine folks who are really behind all this are the same people whose agenda of 'prosperity for the few and screw everybody else' are the ones who are truly responsible for the much discredited  'Golden Era',  we give you.....This.



Anonymous said...

Weisgerber couldn't make it to the convention because hunting season has opened in the Peace Country.

Of course, he still can't tell the difference between a cardboard deer and real one.

RossK said...


Well, if that's the case, I suggest that folks might want to get as much cardboard as possible into the woods, pronto.