Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Day In Bobby Orr


Of course, the kid was gonna make the team.

Hell, they were being coached by a kid.

So why wouldn't they have a kid on the blueline too.

Still, after all the hair had been shorn and the drinking was finally done, when it came time for the end-of-training camp publicity shots none of that stopped Pie-Face from forcing the kid to wear gloves with an even goofier number than his pre-season jersey.

Five days later, when the Bruins opened in the Garden against Detroit, both would be gone.

For good.

Three players wore #27 in the regular season for the Bruins that year, for a total of 7 games...One of them was Derek Sanderson, who actually beat Orr to the NHL by playing two games for the Bruins in after a call-up from Niagra Falls the previous season....Legend has it that the Bruins took a flyer on Sanderson after they saw him fight Orr while the kid was playing for Oshawa in 1965...


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