Friday, October 05, 2012

This Day In Bobby Orr


On this day in 1966, in a scrimmage during his first training camp with the Bruins, Orr, wearing infamous #27, does not give puck to a circling back, and highly peripatetic center (eight teams, six numbers over 18 yr career), Wayne Connelly, behind his own net.


He goes end-to-end and finishes by undressing Gerry Cheevers with a back-to-fore-to-backhander high over frozen glove side shoulder.

Ted Green, turned inside-out on the play himself, snickers at statue goalie....

Cheevers comes back to life; implants Northland logo on Green's ankles.



Anonymous said...

Infamous # 27 ???????

Rocket Richard # 9
Gordie Howe # 9
Bobby Hull # 9

3 X 9 = 27 Frank Mahovlich, Daryl Sittler

RossK said...