Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Cummins Coup ctd...Who Are The 'Dissidents' Talking To?


Earlier today, we noted that a grand total of two presidents of two very recently constituted BC conservative party constituency associations sent a pushback letter to John Cummins.

Given that, we figured it might be worth watching for any statements from other presidents whose wurlitzering who didn't sign.

Was it because they disagreed with the pushback.


Was it because, like Nanaimo CA president Garet Hindman, they didn't even know about it?


Wonder if stuff like that (ie. motivations of the various factions, for example) gives media folks like Mr. Gary Mason pause (more on that later)?



Grant G said...

From this site here..


" All logic, reason, and unbiased comment, flies out the window when it comes to anything he writes and says about Cummins and the BC Conservative Party

Alex Tsakumis (a man who considers himself on the highest pedestal of journalistic integrity --- AND --- to be more read and listened to than ANY other political journalist) yesterday posted cobbled together shreds of partial facts, rumors, and fiction. (http://alexgtsakumis.com/2012/10/05/exclusive-breaking-news-bc-conservative-party-cleansing-john-cummins-and-other-rabid-evangelicals-being-given-an-ultimatum-by-a-majority-of-constituency-associations).

NOW that some are questioning the accuracy of what he wrote, he has resorted to the only thing he know how to do, when someone questions what he has written. He calls them liars … he angrily denounces them for questioning him ... he calls them fools and cowards.

He says, and I quote, “This is how cowards and manipulators operate. They should be ashamed! But this would require a conscience.”


Someone is zooming someone..


RossK said...


In terms of matters personal, I actually think that Mr. Tsakumis has been quite reasonable in his posts on this matter so far...It is the addition by subtraction to come up with the 21/54 (or 19/54?) being equal to "almost TWO THIRDS of the active party that demand Cummins and Co. be gone!" (Mr. T's block caps, not mine) that I wondered about, especially given Bernard von Schulmann's rather detailed analysis which led the latter to come to quite a different conclusion.

Regardless all that, it is unfortunate, however, that Mr. Tsakumis is sometimes so quick to cut off dissenting points of view, often in quite personal ways, in the comment threads to his posts as this, in my opinion, tends to squash discussion.