Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cummins Coup Ctd....The Curmudgeon Strikes Back!


According to Cassidy Olivier of The Province, John Cummins is telling dissidents to go to heckfire and back.

Here's Mr. Olivier's lede:

B.C. Conservative Leader John Cummins is set to quash a group of party dissidents who continue to call for his resignation — despite a majority leadership vote last month at the party’s annual general meeting.

In a statement to be sent out Sunday, Cummins will deliver an ultimatum, demanding that those “few but vocal” party members calling for his resignation either step in line or resign their party membership.

The dissidents will have until noon Wednesday to make their decision, according to a draft version of the news release provided to The Province.

“I am unwavering in my dedication to the B.C. Conservatives and fully intend to lead my party into the next general election,” Cummins says in the text....

Interestingly, Mr. Alex Tsakumis, who released the original letter of dissatisfaction yesterday that purports to have signatures from 21 constituency association presidents on it, did a wee bit of addition by subtraction before he described the dissidents as a majority of the 'active' BC Conservative party:

...Remember as well, that only 54 of 85 BC Conservative constituencies are up and running, and many of those with only 3-5 Directors in place. Just 35 of them are properly constituted. So, that’s 21/35 that want Cummins and his rabid church group gone pronto. That’s a whopping almost TWO THIRDS of the active party that demand Cummins and Co. be gone!...

In contrast, Mr. Bernard Schulmann, who did a whole lot of elaborate number crunching of his own, begs to differ:

...The ridings listed in the letter are in 18 of 20 cases (one of the 21 folks listed by Mr. Tsakumis, Ryan Warawa, apparently told Mr. von Schulmann that he did not sign the letter) locations where I would be very surprised if the party managed to get much beyond 5% in a best case scenario. They come from areas where Social Credit did badly in 1991, Reform badly in 1996 and Unity badly in 2001. It seems odd that the presidents from ridings where the party is likely to be weakest are the ones calling for Cummins to resign.

I thought I would measure how robust the Conservative constituency associations are and see where the opposition comes from from. My metrics are how long the CAs have been around and how much money they raised in 2011.

There are 16 current CAs that were formed before December 31st 2010 - 4 are calling for Cummins to resign. I know of five that are pro Cummins and six more that I can not confirm are pro-Cummins...

{snippety doo-dah}

...There are the 10 ridings I know formed this year, 7 are calling for the resignation of John Cummins....

{snippety doodle-dandy}

...Were some of these CAs formed just to go after Cummins? I do not know but it seems possible and probably a good organizing tactic. The news ones against Cummins are all centrally located in the lower mainland making it easy for someone to have organized them.

Of the 44 ridings that filed a financial return in 2011, only 10 raised more than $1000 and only one of those has come out against Cummins. This says to me that among the best organized CAs in BC there is no almost no interest in getting rid of Cummins...

Regardless the actual proportion of dissidents vs. non-dissidents amongst BC Conservatives, when I left the following comment at Mr. von Schulmann's place...


Has the time come to ask another question.

Which is...

Was this timed to entice the disaffected back to the party to which they once belonge(d)/identified with?

(in time for May 2013, I mean)"

This is how he responded:

"I have heard from at least one BCCP insider who backs Cummins that they got an odd call from Rick Peterson earlier this asking about their take on the future of the party."


That makes the following re: Mr. Peterson (who is the kinda/sorta former BC Con candidate in suddenly Colin Hansenless Quilchena) from CKNW's Shane Woodford curious indeed:

...While former BC Conservative candidate Rick Peterson offered a no comment but seemed surprised when told he was to be the party's interim leader according to some reports...



Is it possible that someone (or some conspiratorial group of persons) loves the smell of subterfuge on a Sunday morning?

We shall see, after Mr. Cummins' pushback letter is officially 'released' tomorrow.

And for the (further record)...Mr. Tsakumis is also predicting based, it would appear, at least in part, on a non-denial, denial (and an apparent explicit statement of utter disdain for Ms. Christy Clark), that Mr. Peterson will become the interim leader of the BC Cons if Mr. Cummins is deposed....



Anonymous said...

Well, 3/4 of Canadians and counting, believe Harper cheated to win the election, and want him gone. The Federal election was contaminated and dirtied.

We should remember how hard it was to get rid of Gordon Campbell. He thieved and sold everything he got his hands on. Campbe too, lied and cheated to win elections. He forgot to tell the BC people, he worked for Harper and still does. Christy works for Harper too. She had Boessenkool, who is rumored a drunken groper, who worked for her.

Cummins also supports Harper. Good luck to them, in getting rid of him.

Canada is a cesspool of corruption. The more corrupt and evil the politician is, the better their rewards. Campbell was rewarded, the post as High Commissioner to England, for doing Harper's dirty work for him.

Canada is a dictatorship and, is about to be sold out to, Red China anyway. That is being a traitor to this country, and committing High Treason to boot.

Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Harper, all have the same typo personalities. They are all sociopaths, and they were all dictators to boot.

Grant G said...

This stage play is quite amusing, ..

Religion?..That`s the issue?..Really, the Federal Con abortion bill received 92 votes of support, including several cabinet ministers, also..

What about the Federal Con transgender/Gay/Lesbian bill?...

And let`s not forget Vic Toews wanting only Christian priests practicing in jail?..Or is that he wants Christian priests jailed(That`s a joke}..

The point being, Harper`s Cons are the religious nutbar party, therefor RANDY White and John Cummins are perfectly suited..

rick Peterson has been rumoured to be already a member of the BC Liberals and seeking Hansen`s riding..

Here`s the deal, Von Dongen was the decoy, a brazen attempt to force Christy Clark out, for as Von Dongen stated, "she was alleged to be a leaker"

Yet everyone knows who was leaking information, caucus information from both the Liberal Party and the BC Con party, the kettle calling others black, something like that..

It`s so funny, Cummins brought the party from nuttin to 20% or so..

And now these people want him out?..

If they have all that support they should start their own party..

Rats chewing on wires from the inside, now Cummins has those same BC Liberal rats scurrying for the outhouse door..

Great entertainment, especially the totally faking out the conduit part.


Anonymous said...

I think people give Cummins far too much credit for the BCCP's showing in the polls. Quite frankly, I believe the poor performance of Christy Clark and the Fiberals generally has had far more to do with it, i.e. those leaving the Fiberals are simply "parking" their vote with the BCCP for the time being. The BCCP is going nowhere with Cummins, White et al at the controls.

RossK said...


Based on the evidence it is very hard, indeed, to argue against the parking garage hypothesis...However, what I find curious is how hard one group of people seem to be working to blow up that garage entirely...Especially given the timing...I mean, would those who are trying to the blowing-up even have time to rebuild the garage before election time....