Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CUPE15 And The CoV: Just Because The Actual Numbers Probably Won't...


....Get As Much Attention As The Fear-Mongered Wurlitzering From the CTF's Mouthpiece*.

The VCourier's Allen Garr (and FABula before him) is reporting that it's a four year deal with no year greater than 2% (6% total):

A city council source has confirmed that the City of Vancouver and its biggest union CUPE 15 have settled on a four-year contract commencing Jan. 1, 2012 for 6.75 per cent. This is the first contract negotiated since the three month strike last time around under Sam Sullivan's NPA administration and the first since Vancouver broke away from the joint bargaining process run by Metro Vancouver....


That sure as heckfire sounds like an evil and duplicitous capitulation to a public sector union compared to, say....



*Whose number appears to be starred-and-feathered in the address book of every news producer's iphone-thingy in Lotusland.
And speaking of the evil and duplicitous blackhole of never ending blizzard of Spamchunks and misdirection that was the Smilin' Sammy Sullivan regime...Thanks to our old friend PB for an offline  heads-up on this one.


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