Monday, October 01, 2012

Christy Goes To Calgary, Part Deux - The Massaging


Earlier today we noted a CP story published in the CBC last Saturday in which Christy Clark was explicitly quoted saying the following about her (uninvited) barging into Alberta Premier Alison Redford's office to talk Northern Gateway:

..."In fact, the bigger issue for us is how do we protect our environment?" she (Clark) said. "That's what I'm going to talk to them about because, clearly, I don't think they're getting the full message about where we stand."...


Today a similar CP/Anonobylinier bit was published in the VSun. 

And there is no quote.

What's more, the tone is much more nuanced when it comes to the original grandstand ('We want more money!) to the latest piece of the grift ('We're worried about the environment!):

VICTORIA - B.C. Premier Christy Clark heads to Alberta today to air her environmental concerns about Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline.

Premier Alison Redford agreed to meet today with her Western neighbour, although the two have been butting heads over the six-billion dollar project.

Clark told B.C.'s municipal politicians on Friday she's staying firm in demanding that environmental issues be resolved before the twin pipeline from Alberta to the West Coast can proceed.

The pipe would carry oil across some of the province's most pristine lands and waterways before being loaded onto tankers bound for Asia.

Clark also wants a greater share of the revenues Alberta will earn, arguing that's required to offset the increased environmental risk....

Kinda makes you go hmmmm, eh?



Anonymous said...

We have been saying over and over. BC is not for sale under any circumstances. Christy is going against what the BC people say, as usual. She has no right to bargain BC with Premier Redford nor Harper. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper, as all of us know.

BC has no say in Alberta. What gives Alberta the right, to dictate to BC? Who in the hell does Premier Redford think she is, to try and force her dirty Bitumen onto BC?

Redford can stuff her Alberta beef too. I quit buying their beef, sometime back. I hope everyone from BC quits buying Redford's Alberta beef.

RossK said...


It is my opinion that the bad beef is a direct result of Mr. Harper's ideologically-driven changes to the way the CFIA operates.

Or, to be more precise how it does not.

Operate, I mean.