Monday, October 22, 2012

This Day In Snookland...The Word Salad Rules.


Did you catch Gary Mason's report on the Globe's recent 'wide-ranging' interview with (not) Premier Christy Clark?


I know I have been critical of Ms. Clark's penchant for always campaigning rather than governing.

But this latest report, in my opinion, is downright disturbing.

Because, in terms of her latest 'position' on Northern Gateway at least, Ms. Clark doesn't seem to make any grammatical, not to mention logical, sense whatsoever.

Case in point, the following on what Ms. Clark believes British Columbia needs (?).... wants (??).... deserves (???)...

...“There’s a whole lot of revenue on the table. We need to talk about how it will be split up. I’m not saying that’s royalties – I’m not.”...


It's not royalties....It's revenue, which is, apparently, something completely different altogether.


Well, who really knows, because the (not) Premier most certainly doesn't.

Know what it is, I mean....

...“Let’s negotiate,” the Premier said. “Let’s look at the range of benefits that are there and talk about it. If it doesn’t come out of royalties, we’re perfectly comfortable with that.”...


When you read word salad like that, coming out of a 'wide-ranging' interview with a hand-picked friendly it really is hard not to conclude that this person should not be in charge of anything, even if it is just the toilet paper orders for the Helijet terminal washroom.


And then there's......this.....'Quantum!'...Thanks to Grant G for bringing it to our attention (we think)...



Grant G said...

You want sad..Watch at your own peril..

RossK said...

Awww geez Grant.

How the heck am I supposed to get to sleep now?


kootcoot said...

One thing our (not)Premieress does accomplish is to make "Valley Girls" seem intellectual! If we still had human telephone operators, she wouldn't be qualified to be one.

Has Crusty ever actually stood up and said anything in the Ledge, cuz during a lot of her pretend reign she didn't have a seat, and now the Ledge is obsolete or something......the few clips I've seen in the reign (or is that rain as in feces storm?) of error known as the Christy administration generally involve triple chin Coleman or Helmet Head Shirley Bondobrain! Oh yeah, and verbal diarrhea prone Kevin Kreuger!