Saturday, October 27, 2012

#BCL12...Dread Gone Audible.


In response to our post about the faux ecstasy uttered by Ms. Always Campaigning, Susan Anton, re: her coming candidacy for the BC Liberal Party at their convention up the condo-superhighway, the sharp-witted Scotty-On-Denman had this to say in the comment thread:

"I heard that quote on the radio. When Christy prompted all assembled with a tad-premature "Yes!" the tepid applause sounded the knell of doom, irretrievable now.

I've been wondering for a few weeks now if this convention would somehow mark a mile stone in the unnecessarily drawn out quartering of the BC Liberals, a palace coup from a hostile and skittish caucus perhaps, or maybe a high profile resignation, spectacular blunder or a little less salacious, another scandal. But the picture on the radio was the look of dread gone audible, a sense-o-round smell of mortal fear wafting unmistakably between the echoes of polite clapping.

It is truly amazing how quickly aural sensation cascades through the mental processor and what memories it can evoke. That split-second flash of nervous desperation vividly took me back to that agonizingly brief but eternal little moment between the announcement of Christy's leadership victory and the tardy applause of her new caucus. The princess warrior blew it off then but looking back now, her subsequent (and continuing) drop in the polls was foretold by the clarion ring of that little pin bouncing off the floor. So even though all I got was this lousy T-shirt (well, would have if I'd gone up to Whistler...) and I'm still pretty grouchy about Christy breaking her early election promise so's to let her party's privateering favourites mine their getaway trail right to the very end, I'm happy to see the BC Liberals swirling faster and faster down the toilet.

They deserve it; they really hurt BC."

Pretty interesting, not to mention insightful, eh?


Compare Scotty's comment to that of 'professional' watercarrie.....errrrr....commentator Mr. Keith Baldrey:

"It was one big energetic love-in at BC Lib conv. Aren't these guys supposed to floundering? Wouldn't know it here. On Global NH."

And how, exactly have the finest of the very fine folks running, and pulling the strings behind, the BC Liberal Party hurt B.C?.......This way.


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