Tuesday, October 09, 2012

John Cummins Coup, ctd.....The MBA Has It.


Which fits, I suppose, if you think political parties should be run like businesses.

What the heckfire am I talking about this time?

Well, Shane Bigham of CKWX has published a most interesting quote from one of the pushback dissidents who signed today's letter against Mr. Cummins:

..."I personally feel, through my studies in my MBA in leadership, that John Cummins is not demonstrating the leadership qualities that I have come to know and expect from a leader," says Allison Patton with the CA in Surrey-White Rock...

But, here's the thing....

The business of business is business.

Not democracy.

Last I checked, at least.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'm wishing more and more (and more) I'd wormed my way into the CP. That's some damn fine entertainment I could have been part of. I only have one John Cummins story, which I am saving because it is not that good. The old boy is from near my old Stompin' grounds after all. Conservatives! If they were pigs we would make hot dogs out of their lips and ...

RossK said...

I dunno Beer.

I reckon that, perhaps, quite a bit of this very fine entertainment has something to do with the forced dismantling of something that some might call Gracie's Finge.....errrrrr...Parking Lot.


Bill said...

I would not put it past the Liberals in their desperation (which to be truthful, we have seen an awful lot of) to have infiltrated and instigated some of this BCCP angst. Some self imposed shots to the CP foot and "help" from precious Libs. As Beer implies, there are a lot of worms.

I have not seen any democracy with the BC Liberals and both the BCCP and Libs are sure making the NDP look calm, cool, collected and capable of of good government. It is long past due.

RossK said...

Good points Bill.

Let's see, though, now that the big BCLib prop-push has begun, how the proMedia reacts...


paul said...

I am still puzzling out how you can get a graduate degree in leadership.
Part of all this is that there is a chunk of Conservative supporters - as there are NDP supporters - who see possible electoral success as a sign the party has sold out. They would prefer to be permanently, crankily, on the outside, insisting they are right and everyone else is wrong.

RossK said...

Paul have your read Bernard's analysis?

If he is correct, it would appear that a significant chunk of the dissidents are real latecomers...I really do wonder about the true motivations here.


paul said...

Interesting piece by Bernard, as is very often the case.
You know me and motivations.
I looked at the list of dissident riding execs, and only recognized one name, Ian Tootill, whose big issue is lobbying for higher - or non-existent - speed limits.
A little surprising I didn't recognize anybody from the capital region, I suppose, but also to be expected from a proudy outsider party.

RossK said...

Thanks for that Paul.

Yes, I understand your PoV re: motivations.

Regardless, I find it interesting that no one has commented on the backgrounds of the 'dissidents'.

I note, with interest that Mr. Tsakumis is, today, disparaging the analysis of Mr. von Schulmann.