Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Will We Be 'Weight'ing For The Danville Train?


Post-show update....Was incredible...Something for everyone...It was Mr. Hansard unchained by either genre or era, at the top of his game with players who can do it all, including a sax player named Dave from Vancouver who stepped in at the last second when the regularly-scheduled guy had trouble at the border (led to jokes about Nov 2009 when a certain Czech Gypsy singer had the same problem)...New stuff was solid, incredible wedge songs everywhere (which led to many, many quick string changes by old reliable tech guy Simon who played shakers on one of the new songs), a smattering of Swell Season...rip-roaring Astral Weeks, with some new bits added during the mid-set acoustic interlude...Even a Frames mini-set with a mind-blowing Revelate and a Star-Star to break your heart with WillyWonka middle and Joe Doyle on the unknown verse...The usual, but still killer no-mike 'Say it to me now', to start the encore...A fanatastic duet of 'Gold', again off -mike, with Colm and a message on the dangers of digging beneath your skin if there is something worth money underneath it (ie. fracking)...And finally that haunting 'Drive All Night' cover with the unknown Dave on the Big Man's sax break and just a hint of 'HeyDay' in the air (at least for me, which I let slip with a little yelp) during the segue into 'The Parting Glass' that kept on going and going with orchestrated help from the crowd...e. had the time of her life - said more than once that it was too bad E. missed it...So...If you're near Seattle, Portland or the Bay Area in the next few days and you don't go, you'll really miss something.

littler e. and me are on our way to see Mr. Hansard and friends at The Vogue tonight.

Given that they're in Canada and all, we reckon we will get a cover of either...


Will report back later.

And ya, I know (I know, I know!) that Ms. Hanigan won't be there...but still...


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