Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pundits Across The Rockies.



Update Late Wednesday: Norman Farrell has a great post up on this juxtaposition of punditry in which he does a much more detailed comparison of the 'analysis' than I do...Norm actually beat me to the punch, at least in terms of pushing the 'publish' button earlier today....But, just to be clear, I wrote this post late last night when I first saw Mr. Palmer's piece online (I had written about Mr. Braid's column already)...So...No blog-horrific Wenteing goin' down here....Honest!

Remember this bit of devastating analysis of our (not) Premier in the wake of her most excellent, chumpier-than-thou, trillion dollar adventure in Alberta from the Calgary Herald's Don Braid:

"(Ms. Clark) is, by a wide measure, the most inconsistent, self-contradictory and desperate politician in Canada."


While he may be a couple of days late, Vaughn Palmer, using a whole lot of reports from other newspapers as his fodder, offers up his own analysis in the Vancouver Sun:

"Rather than indulging her penchant for hyperbole, Clark would be wiser to focus single-mindedly on getting even one (LNG) terminal signed sealed and delivered."

See the difference?

And, apropos of absolutely everything....I really do wonder if Ms. Clark actually knows how many billions are in a trillion...And, no...That was not snark....Honest.
Finally, in the 'credit-where-credit-is-due' department, Les Leyne has a good piece of satire up today in the VT-C...Former online-gambling promoter Alise Mills called it 'quite funny'....Sheesh.



Anonymous said...

Anybody know if Ms. Clark had a chance to visit with her old pal Ken Boessenkool?

Speaking of B'kool: Has Great Leader been asked if the B'Meister is getting a severance cheque?

RossK said...


Good question.


Anonymous said...

Another good question is: Why was Boessenkool allowed to resign? And its corollary: Why wasn't B'smirched fired?

RossK said...


I'll take overseas junkets for $200.

Was it....

Who shall the Snook take to China first?


lynx said...

When I think of Ms. Clark the word 'flibbertigibbet' comes to mind.

RossK said...


Good word that.

Sounds exactly like what it is describing.

(I think)