Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Ledgie Boys Catch-Up...


...On the gender splits issue.


Here is what we said back in July:

...When you hear the pundits pontificate in their best puffed-up finery about how Ms. Clark gets a rough ride because she is a woman, please understand that the members of the citizenry that really see her for what she is are, well, you know....


And from the Dean's VSun column today:

...(Based on the most recent Ipsos-Reid poll) (w)omen, in contrast, overwhelmingly preferred the New Democrats over the Liberals, 57 per cent to 24 per cent. Landslide territory.

Or, to put it another way, the governing party’s overall 17-point lag behind the Opposition among decided voters (allowing for a margin of error estimated at about three points) is almost entirely due to the strong resistance to the Christy-Clark-led Liberals among women.

“There is some rich irony here,” as Keith Baldrey of Global TV noted last week in his regular column in several Metro Vancouver newspapers. “It was the NDP who unceremoniously dumped a woman as its leader in favour of a man, and it was the B.C. Liberals who chose a woman as its leader.”

Whatever reservations women had about the NDP’s rough treatment of Carole James back in 2010, the poll found no sign of any lingering bitterness. Nor have women, as a group, taken to the Liberals despite their elevation of only the second woman to hold the office of premier in this province...


First raising and then wurlitzering a false equivalency that has absolutely nothing to do with why women perceive Ms. Clark to be a disaster due to her own utterances and policies (and/or lack thereof, particularly in the wake of all the meaningless/empty utterances)?

It would appear that the landed gentry (pro-punditry division) really don't get it.

Perhaps the blinders are on because they, too, have always been Filipinas at heart.

Or some such nonsensical nonsense that doesn't make any sense at all.




Anonymous said...

Two words: Carole Taylor

Taylor single handedly rescued the BC Liberals from the ignominy of a sure defeat in the 2005 BC general election. Prior to the announcement that Taylor would be running the BC Liberals were at least 10% behind the NDP with women voters, and after Taylor's entry... well you know how it ended.

The same could happen in 2013 if Watts her name decides to unite-the-right.

Kim said...

In your dreams Anon.

Anonymous said...


to the point, succinct and devoid of content

I've read some of your stuff and you're better than that

RossK said...

No worries folks - crossed wires based on flat affect of linear type I think.

To Anon's original comment...I assume the point was that it's not a general principle re: the gender split.

And I agree with that (and it was the real point of my post - which is antithetical to Mr. Baldrey's false-equivalency-backed thesis).

To get even more specific, you can see that they are trying to follow at least part of the CTaylor blueprint which is buying short term peace with the public sector unions.

(it is my opinion, however, that the LDB thing is a red-herring in that they they have temporarily given up on it given that they would likely have suffered a reversal anyway if the Dippers were to win...However, in terms of the long game, they can always flip back on this if they somehow pull off a miracle next May)