Friday, October 05, 2012

The Bringing Down Of Mr. Cummins...

...Someone Is Letting The Air Out Of The Curmudgeon's Balloons

And it's happening from the 'inside'.

Bernard von Schulmann has been keeping a close eye on Alex Tsukamis' site so that you and I, well, you know....

Here is Mr. von Schulmann's lede:

Alex Tsumkamis has been forwarded a letter from a 22 BC Conservative Constituency Association Presidents calling for John Cummins to step down as leader of the BC Conservatives. I recognize some of the names of people that were actively calling for the leadership review but others on the list of 22 are new to me as being opposed to John Cummins. I can only see one name that was on the Friends of John Cummins list that is on this new list, that being Ryan Warawa.

Why now? Yes, Cummins did not get a rousing endorsement for his leadership at the recent AGM but what is served now by calling for him to resign now? The story of internal fighting was beginning to subside. Why not wait till after the provincial election?...



Is this an attempt to try and salvage the brand in an effort to maybe form some kind of opposition to a coming Dipper government?


Is it something much more nefarious that will allow the previously disaffected to head on back to the Snook and Company?

Me, I'm not enough of an insider to know.

But I do note, with interest, that Snook&Co's most recent smear sites have NOT been aimed at the curmudgeon....errrr...Mr. Cummins.


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