Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Which Canada Do You Want...

...Joseph Oliver's or Trevor Greene's?

Norm Farrell, in an excellent post today, sure helped me choose.....

"...In the embedded video posted here a day ago, (Canadian Forces Captain) Trevor Greene objected to (Federal Natural Resources Minister) Joe Oliver slapping the extremist label on people who speak of threats to the environment and complain about industrialization of wilderness. Of course, Joe Oliver and his cohort target more than environmentalists and their threats go beyond mere rhetoric. Strategies, revealed but not fully explained, focus the power of government against "vulnerable individuals" who favour aboriginal causes, animal rights and regulated capitalism.

The Harper Government asserts it won't target "legitimate dissent" but they will define legitimacy and do it behind closed doors. That's partly why I discuss the world in which Joe Oliver resides. This man never worried about making a rent payment, never had an empty belly or empty pocket. He's a consummate materialist who reflects what Professor Edith Brown Weiss' described as the opulent approach to environmentalism. It denies any obligation to future generations and tolerates present extravagance and waste..."

Again, because it is so important and powerful, I once again post Captain Greene's recent short video. Please pass it around if you get a chance...

Here is the link....



Beijing York said...

Powerful video. Thanks for this, Ross.

RossK said...


Can you wurlitzer it @ DJ?


the salamander said...

Is it possible you could send along or post links or specifics or source docs re 'won't target legitimate dissent' but will define legitimacy behind close doors..

That's pretty close to saying 'we won't target legitimate democracy, but we (whomever that is) will define democracy behind closed doors and legislate it accordingly.'

Essentially.. 'we Conservatives know better than the Canadian electorate.. what is Canadian and democratic.. and we'll let you know via Toews, Kenney, Del Mastro, Fantino.. et al.. determine (via science and deep theocratic thought behind closed parliamentary doors) how we want you to understand and grasp our decision.'

RossK said...

The Sal--

The following is taken directly from the link (to a Sept 2012 Globe piece by Shawn McCarthy in the Globe) that is embedded in the excerpt taken from Norm Farrell's post:

Mr. Toews released a statement on the government’s strategy, which will target not only known terrorist groups but “vulnerable individuals” who could be drawn into politically inspired violence.

The minister said that, in addition to foreign threats, the government would be vigilant against domestic extremism that is “based on grievances – real or perceived – revolving around the promotion of various causes such as animal rights, white supremacy, environmentalism and anti-capitalism.”


the salamander said...

Oh .. Its just Toews (thank you for the clue.. I will dig on this.. !)
running his rabid mouth after a fire-walled and deniable consultation with Stephen Harper and some other back room idiot wonk-wank parlor-secretary that faked his or hers way into that pompous and newly entitled Northern Alliance war room just behind the House of Commons and Parliament.. and just behind the Conservative Party of Canada's war room.

I thought this was an official Harper Government doctrine..
with a smoldering brand on its hind quarter so any Conservative
would know it was good to eat raw and barf-spew at the Electorate.
And was an inclusion in one of those vast obscure omnibus bills
that Mr Harper said (on record) he detests so much ..
So.. ?? Can we assume its now law ?
The new Science of dissent as examined, discovered,
and declared un-Conservative by discerning, serially promiscuous players,
theologians, potential judges, or deep thing-kers such as Vic Toews?

Again .. the current Parliament of Canada.. out of control stupid
taking on the complete aspects of a Monty Python skit

God Save The Queen..
All bow to Stephen Harper .. !
Keeper of The Queenly n Royal Realm
We are ignorance before his splendor ....

NOT ....

karen said...

That's not a choice. As a radical, I have no interest in Joe Oliver's Canada.

I'll share it, too.