Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Boessenkool Investigation...The Dean Weighs In (In Writing)


As we reckoned he would, given that he was in on the original TwittWhispers on Monday morning, the VSun's Vaughn Palmer has weighed in on the matter of the paper-free 'investigation' that apparently contributed to the resignation of premier Christy Clark's former chief-of staff Ken Boessenkool.

And 90% of the column lays Ms. Clark (and the head of the public service agency, whom Ms. Clark appointed and who apparently carried out the completely verbal investigation on her own) bare. Mr. Palmer also makes it clear that the procedures posted on the PSA's own website indicate that this type of protocol is NOT acceptable despite the premier's claims that she followed all of the government's procedures to the letter.

Which is pretty damning if you ask me, and very, very strongly suggests that ulterior motives were afoot from the get-go.

But, in the end Mr. Palmer, who never mentions the fact that there was at least one reporter trying to find out what was going on during the period when the 'investigation' was allegedly taking place (and the former chief-of-staff and Ms. Clark were travelling together on a junket in Asia), pulls back.

In fact he pulls back so far that ultimately he concludes that the the actions of Ms. Clark et al. were...

...Amateurish and sneaky at the same time....


I'm sorry, but in my opinion this conclusion is just not on.

Because, based on past performance, and the way this is playing out, the actions of these people (ie. Ms. Clark et al.) appear to have been anything but amateurish or sneaky.

Instead, I would posit that they have been highly calculated, brazen and audacious.


Why do I come to such a  diametrically different conclusion than Mr. Palmer, you may be asking?

Well, based on the evidence at hand up to this point, it is my opinion that these people (ie. Ms. Clark et al.) knew they were up a creek without a paddle on this one from the very beginning.

So, rather than fight the sucking downward spiral of the current that would have required statements of truth and real contrition, they instead pivoted and ran straight down the chute right at the press all the while spouting bogus blather about investigations and procedures followed 'to the letter', and everything else under the sun including employer-employee regulations and confidentiality etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

And it would appear that these people (ie. Ms. Clark et al.) did all of this safe in the knowledge that, when they were later caught red-handed after the current had slackened, the worst that would happen is that someone like Mr. Palmer (who is held in the highest regard by everyone in the Lotuslandian proMedia) would label them 'amateurish' and 'sneaky' .

Which, under the circumstances, for these people (ie. Ms. Clark et al.) is nothing short of a 'win'.

As for actually governing British Columbia in good faith?


That sort of useless fluff is for public consumption, legislatures, and the real amateurs - not to mention 'losers'.


Look....As I've said before, I know Mr. Palmer works hard and digs just as hard to find out what's really going down in Lotusland (and reading between the lines of his piece you can see the evidence of all of that)....I just wish he would write harder....
Update: NVG who connects a lot of dots, is well worth reading today on this matter, and its wider implications, here....


North Van's Grumps said...

Why wait for Christy to seek out a Writ for an election on May 13 2013?

When the radio talk show host was at the height of popularity with her listeners, her handlers, her backers AND Gordon was at the lowest point of his long political career, the Vancouver-Point Grey win was almost a walk in the park for her.

She's lost that "credibility" with her winning the title of Photo-Op Queen without substance policies.

What the voters in Point Grey, the ones who didn't vote for Christy must do, for the good of the Province, is to RECALL their MLA!

kootcoot said...

"Why do I come to such a diametrically different conclusion then Mr. Palmer, you may be asking?"

Not really (I don't need to ask), because I realize you aren't a simpering sycophant of the BC liaRs whose only qualification before becoming a privatized worker bee for the PABlum Brigade or whatever they call it today was a piss poor excuse for an entertainment or music critic.

I dream of Christy, Gordo, Colin, de Jong, Coleman et. al. and their enablers in the press all quarantined together somewhere like Darcy Island like the lepers they should be treated as by normal citizens. The lepers once forced to stay there were less of a hazard to society than these criminals.

Anonymous said...

Harper is giving Canada to Communist China. Jobs at the tar pits, will mostly be for the Chinese.

Campbell also gave BC's resources to Red China, as well as the jobs. Campbell also thieved and sold BC's assets. Campbell worked hand in hand with Harper, to get BC dismantled and sold to Red China. Christy just did her part for her sell out of BC too.

Harper, Campbell and Christy all left a, huge trail of blatant corruption. They don't have to be sneaky. None of Harper's crime laden politicians, ever have to pay for their crimes. Harper rewards them instead. Nor, will Harper ever pay for his treachery.

Everyone knows the media are, propaganda machines for the governments.That sticks out as high, as Mount Everest. At times, I have even been embarrassed for the media. They back their corrupt, evil, monsterous BC liberals, right to the hilt.

I can't even take it in. Canada is being given to Communist China. Our media backs, Traitors and their High Treason.