Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Cummins Coup ctd....The Crazy Train Leaves The Station


Now the fine folks who want John Cummins to resign as leader of the BC Conservative Party are saying that Mr. Cummins had already agreed to resign before they held their pushback presser yesterday afternoon.


The following is the lede from Jonathan Fowlie's latest in the VSun:

VICTORIA -- BC Conservative Party dissidents say John Cummins had agreed Wednesday to step down as leader, but that he backed out at the last minute.

"We were made aware that the terms negotiated with Mr. Cummins were that he resigns by Friday with $4,000 per month for six months and that Mr. Rick Peterson would become interim leader," the group said in a press release Thursday...

Interesting to see Mr. Peterson's name pop up again.


Via the Twittmachine...Looks like The Province Cassidy Olivier has talked to both sides...He says he has a story coming soon.


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