Saturday, October 27, 2012

#BCL12: This Day In Snookland...Is It Romnesia When It Is Also Flat-Out Lying?


So, given that, how many of Ms Clark's other 'claims' today to the faithful up the Condo-King Highway will be called out as....

a) Lies
b) Codswallop
c) Disingenuous
d) Ridiculous
e) Headlined on CKNW and Global News for the next three news cycles?

Of course, 'e' is a given....As for 'a' through 'd'....Perhaps we should have added 'all of the above'...
And then there is that other list....The list of things that Ms. Clark and Mr. Campbell (and the fine folks and corporations behind them) have done to the people of, and the place that is, British Columbia that she did NOT mention during the pom-pom waving session in Whistler this afternoon...


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