Monday, October 08, 2012

The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out Of Nobel Land


My kids and I absolutely love a song by John Darnielle called 'The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton' which is about a couple of kids who do their best to make their most unrealistic of dreams (i.e. the best kind) come true.

And are squashed for doing so.

The result is the following line:

"If you punish a person for dreaming his dream, don't expect him to thank or forgive you."

Which is extremely ironic given that John Gurdon, who did some crazy-assed experiments a long, long time ago (circa 1962) wherein he took nuclei out of intestinal cells from tadpoles and stuck them into unfertilized frog eggs to test the then even crazier-assed hypothesis that there are stem cells that hang around as animals grow and develop, just won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Why ironic?

Well, according to Reuters, when he was in school at least one of Gurdon's teachers made sure his parents knew that young John was nuts for dreaming his dream as well:

...Gurdon spoke of his own unlikely career as a young man who loved science but was steered away from it at school, only to take it up again at university.

He still keeps an old school report in a frame on his desk: "I believe he has ideas about becoming a scientist... This is quite ridiculous," his teacher wrote. "It would be a sheer waste of time, both on his part and of those who have to teach him."...

Imagine that!

Mr. Darnielle's version of the death metal song can be listened to and watched, here....My kids and I do it, here...
And, for regular readers....Ya, I do go to this well a lot, but heckfire, as somebody who teaches kids who are not really kids anymore, and often have a lot of misconceptions about what they 'have' to do, this concept means a helluva lot to me....OK?



karen said...

Well. I enjoyed all of that. The original, the cover, that line (which kind of sums up my childhood), and the science. I am taking 1st year cellular biology and 2nd year bio psych, which overlap nicely and I am absolutely ENTHRALLED with cellular activity, so I was quite excited and interested in the Nobel prize award. And it was quite..poetic?...the way you drew all of that together. Thanks.

RossK said...


Good luck with the school stuff...Right up my alley (the cell biology, at least) if you ever need a hand with anything.

And thanks for the compliment, because poetry is most definitely not my thing.