Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cummins Coup, ctd....And Then There Were Six.


Six constituency associations that is.

Calling for John Cummins resignation.

At least according to Global TV's Keith Baldrey....


While there are some 50 plus BC Conservative Party CA's, according to Alex Tsakumis only 35 of them are for real. Interestingly,  here is what Mr. Tsakumis wrote when he first broke the story of the apparent dissident's demands on Oct 5th:

"...Remember as well, that only 54 of 85 BC Conservative constituencies are up and running, and many of those with only 3-5 Directors in place. Just 35 of them are properly constituted. So, that’s 21/35 that want Cummins and his rabid church group gone pronto. That’s a whopping almost TWO THIRDS of the active party that demand Cummins and Co. be gone!..."


Now that that original twenty-one has dropped to just six of thirty-five (that the good Mr. Baldrey 'knows' of), it would appear that it is no longer 2/3 of active constituency associations calling for Mr. Cummins' head.

Or even 1/3.

Because, in point of fact, it is barely 1/6th.

Then again, now that all the clown/gong show segments and pieces have come and gone in the Lotuslandian proMedia and the polls for the BC Cons have started to dive, why should said proMedia even bothering to try and find out what really happened.

After all, it's not like the proMedia's willingness to be wurlitzered had anything to do with that dive.


Mr Baldrey had an interesting Tweet exchange with David Shreck (not Shrek!) over this matter last night in which the former said the actual number of dissidents doesn't matter....The exchange  ended when Mr. Baldrey said, perhaps tongue in couch potato chip-filled cheek, that he had no interest in finding out the actual number of dissidents because he had sports to watch on the TeeVee.



kootcoot said...

"Mr. Baldrey ..... had sports to watch on the TeeVee."

Don't bother stopping to spew B.S. on the unsuspecting public, okay? You could also read some sports writers, most of them write circles around your useless self!

RossK said...

Hey Koot--

Not that I want to go all TBickle on you or anything, but...

'Are you talkin' to me?'


Don F. said...

Hi Ross, I truly believe after reading your post and Koot's comment he was refering to Mr. Baldrey. I can't imagine otherwise.
I don't know if is my place to comment but I feel pretty confident about this.

off-the-radar said...

For sure Kootcoot is referring to Baldrey. (Made me smile though, the slip of the pen!)

The Mop&Pail has just posted a survey with five questions on what to ask Adrian Dix at his Tues interview. Readers will vote on which one of the questions to ask. Four specfic questions and one broad question. The Pail playing it's usual games.

Here's the link to the page with the survey (poll). The link itself is below Adrian's picture. And only a handful of votes as of now.


Grant G said...

Allison Patton has been officially booted out of the BC Conservative party, snail mail informed her(today)



RossK said...


Ya...Of course Koot was talking 'to' to the good Mr. Baldrey.

I just couldn't resist.


Thanks eaf and Grant.

Saw all the to-do via various proMedia wags who tweeted this up the kazoo....It's interesting to me how they smirk on the Twittmachine but don't go anywhere near this in their published pieces...Guess that isn't too surprising...But it does show how the herd can be led around by one nose (in this case I would suggest the tip of the snout was named Mason).


Grant G said...

Funny stuff Ross K..Exactly where did this mutiny of the BC Conservative party take place, who was receiving Dongen Leaks?, Before and after he was a BC Liberal?..

Who else also tried to affect an election just before voting day?..I recall the last Vancouver civic election, I recall in my opinion ..A big old whopper yarn, a fable for the weak minded..

A fable designed to smear Gregor,..

A fable that had it gathered legs, so close to an election the damage couldn`t have been undone..

Well, it appears there may be a pattern developing..


RossK said...


I remember that post very, very well also.


spartikus said...

Well, it appears there may be a pattern developing..

Attention. Attention. You'll be receiving your chill letter in 3...2...1...

Don F. said...

I don't recall Alex being so adament, appearing on laila's site to berate her and the attack on Bill T. One has to question it all. Kind of like someone trying to control something or other?
Interesting when you look back on how this whole thing got started isn't it?

RossK said...


I didn't know you could make letters out of frozen yogurt.


'tis interesting indeed.