Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cummins Coup ctd....A Question For S. Woodford & J McComb


Update: In response to an excellent comment from Paul Willcocks (see thread attached to this post), I've editted the post to broaden the scope of possible relevant aspects of Mr. Marshall's and Mr. Peterson's political 'histories' the proMedia may want to consider letting folks know about.

Hey Mr. McComb and Mr. Woodford!

Perhaps you would like to mention to your listeners on the (notso)Giant '98 just which political party and/or parties, and/or party leadership candidates Mr. Rick Peterson and/or Mr. Hamish Marshall  previously worked for and/or with before they 'defected' to and/or 'joined' the BC Conservative Party.


(just heard these two fine proMedia types discussing the 'dissidents' who are kinda/sorta/not really trying to depose John Cummins and are apparently not trying to become new the leader[s] because that would be 'absurd').



Grant G said...

Mr. K...

Perhaps you should look at this picture..

"Yet I just came across this photo of the same Allison Patton posing with Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon at the ‘Beans and Jeans’ BC Liberal Annual Summer BBQ this past July:"

Not my info, from a commenter elsewhere..

This/that woman is the Whiterock BC Conservative CA..


Cab you sat cheese?


Grant G said...

oops...Can you say cheese..

RossK said...

Ya - saw that.

Paling around with Liberals!


paul said...

Hamish Marshall is another name I recognize, from a 2005 BC Business piece I did on Conservative players in the province. He was mentioned by several people as a future person of influence, with good academic cred and stint working for Stephen Harper in Ottawa. As I recall, he seemed more likely to be a B.C. Conservative than a Christy Clark Liberal.

RossK said...


No disagreement there.

However, there is more than one type/stripe/bird of BC Liberal.

Take, for example, the other fine fellow who did the talking at the dissendent pushback presser yesterday.


paul said...

Agreed. I thought Bob Mackin's post interesting.