Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cummins Coup, ctd...Calling The Dissidents' Bluff?



It looks like John Cummins is going to wait.

Wait to see if the hardcore dissidents really are a 2/3 majority if 'active members'.

Or if they are just two.

Or if they are somewhere in between (and/or are being warehoused on the top floors of Gracie's Parking Lot).

From the MoCo's unbylined report:

Embattled B.C. Conservative Party Leader John Cummins has extended his deadline for 'dissident' party members to get in line and support him or leave the party.
Cummins initially gave those within the party who questioned his leadership until noon today to get in line or quit, but later amended the deadline, saying the situation was "fluid" and the party would have more to say following a news conference by two of the dissident members planned for 4 p.m. PT...


Four hours....All kinds of times for folks to really start ratchetting up the rhetoric, in the bloggodome and otherwise.


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