Monday, October 01, 2012

Ms. Clark Goes To Calgary



It turns out that the (not) Premier of British Columbia, Ms. Christy Clark, invited herself to the Premier of Alberta's house on the weekend.

Ostensibly so that she could talk Northern Gateway.

Except, here's the thing....

According to a CBC/CP report on Saturday (with quotes and everything!) it would appear that it's no longer all about the money.

Instead, it's suddenly all about, wait for it....

The environment.


B.C. Premier Christy Clark is in Alberta to meet with Premier Alison Redford about concerns related to the Northwern Gateway oil pipeline project.

Clark said Friday (Sept 28th) she needs to tell Redford and Albertans that B.C. has environmental concerns about the plan to build a twin pipeline from Alberta to northwest B.C., from where the oil product would be loaded onto tankers bound for Asia...

{snippety doo-dah}

"In fact, the bigger issue for us is how do we protect our environment?" she (Clark) said. "That's what I'm going to talk to them about because, clearly, I don't think they're getting the full message about where we stand."...

I mean, what will it be about next week - the nefarious plan of the Albertalanders to remove all the islands from Douglas Channel?

What's that you say?

That wasn't Ms. Redford's idea and/or within her purview either?




Don F. said...

A puppet show of wooden hand painted puppets strings and all would appear more convincing than this sad display.
Neither Clark nor Redford has one iota of say in anything related to this pipeline. No-one in Canada does!
Shame on us for watching and not placing them in asylums where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Harper does have, strange bedfellows. Campbell so drunk, he drove on the wrong side of the road. Boessenkool who was drunk and groping women. Bruce Carson, arrested for influence peddling.

My guess is, because Boessenkool failed....Harper ordered Christy, to go to Alberta. Christy will come back from Alberta and say, she signed a wonderful deal with Premier Redford for BC. That the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers, are absolutely safe. Harper's Scientists will say the same thing.

Something is up!! I guess it's a wait and see.

RossK said...

Thanks Don


I actually think this is all string-pulling by the Lotuslandian pupetteers/wizards controlling Ms. Clark.

And it has nothing to do with the actual Northern Pipeline.

Under this scenario it is nothing more than a PR stunt designed to soften-up low information voters in B.C.