Sunday, October 07, 2012

Something That Every Single Canadian Should Watch...


...From Trevor Greene.


'That' Trevor Greene.


Watch it....It's only two minutes...Then wurlitzer it if you can.



Don F. said...

What say you now Mr. Harper, Mr. Oliver?? What shamefull words do you choose to respond?? I thoughtnot.
Many thanks to Mr. Greene for his tremendous unfaltering courage and commitment to protect canada even on our home ground!

Kim said...

Going at a good clip on facebook Ross K. I hope you don'y mind my sharing this important message. Should be going viral by tonight. Thank you. All the best to you and your family, today and everyday.

And a huge vote of thanks to all of our Service Members, injured or otherwise...

RossK said...

Well said Don

Thanks Kim,

No need to link to this though - direct linkage to Capt Greene's video is just fine.

The link is here.

Anonymous said...

Trevor Greene is exactly why, we are so proud of our military. Trevor is one of our Canadian boys, we really care about.

We all know, how much Harper cares about our young veterans, he doesn't. Harper isn't worth fighting and dying for.

Harper cares about Harper. He has no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. Harper and his henchman Gordon Campbell, destroyed BC. Campbell is a drunk, as is Boessenkool. Harper's convicted Felon Bruce Carson, was arrested for influence peddling.

Our beautiful province is under Harper's threat. He will turn BC into a polluted wasteland. His own selfish and disgusting greed, comes first.

spartikus said...

You know who else needs to be locked in a room with this video on a loop?

Vivian Krause.
Mike Klassen.
Fazil Mihlar.

Lets throw in the entire editorial board of the Sun and Province.

RossK said...



I dunno about that but certainly their readers could be introduced to Capt. Greene's point of view.

Repeatedly, via this crazy interwebz thing called hyperlinks.