Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Night's Alright For Uke Cover Fighting!


First, The Original, by the original, Roger Miller...

Next, The Cover, by my original kid, E....

'Twas almost the end of last summer, the summer of E's daily busking...To say the least, by the end of the session, which was a full one, I was more than just a little verklempt...These days you can catch her down in the Montreal Metro...
As always, thanks to Los Angeles photo-maven extraordinare Ellen Bloom for the Uke peghead at the top of the post (which was made for her by her brother Ken!)...



Chris said...

Ah, that's just too sweet.

This is one of my all time favourite songs, but I have a hard time sometimes with Miller's own voice. To say nothing of some of the really crazy covers out there.

This is beautiful, Completely nails the road joy of the song.

No wonder you're a proud dad.

RossK said...

It was a road joy kind of day Chris.

Even raining a bit in the heat. Was fun to watch the set build (this snip was from the beginning; I used it because it had the best sound which is not saying much because it comes off my crummy camera)...And, at the end there was quite a nice little attentive crowd, together with a good whack of cash in that case.

But here's the real story - at least for me... Earlier in the afternoon there had been a bit of a kerfuffle when someone inside took offense to the singing in there, which was pretty devastating for the singer, not to mention the parents (this despite the rules - it's all very well-regulated at Gran-Isle with licenses, and designated performance spots, and schedules, and everything)... Anyway, after something like that it's almost impossible to explain how proud it makes you to see your kid get right back up on their horse and stand there, all on her own, to do the thing she has worked so hard to become so good at.