Sunday, October 14, 2012

What To Do On A Rainy Saturday Afternoon...



Audio Update at bottom of post

It's Saturday afternoon....

And E. is a few thousand kilometers away.

And e. and C. are a hundred gone, out the Valley for a really Big Show.

So, without any distractions other than a dog on my lap, I managed to get my lectures for next week done and a good chunk of another paper finished off.

Also disposed of my household chores, which included setting up the new wireless printer (uggggghhh!).

But now what?


I should probably take the whackadoodle for a run.

But the weather is so crappy.

And I spent all morning listening to the Drive-By-Truckers.

Really loud.


I know!

Maybe I'll play for awhile, and try and record something with some of this fancy-schmancy stuff I've acquired over the last little while with the help of readers, including Don F. and the Reverend Paperboy....

Audio later.




A few hours later....and here it is.

A cover of Springsteen's Mr. State Trooper, with atmospherics and everything...



paul said...

Standing by.

Don F. said...

Ross, what a great thing to wake up to this morning,well done!I see you are understanding and conquering that little device.
Keep it up Ross I thoroughly enjoyed this.

RossK said...

Sorry for the delay Paul. Took me a little time to figure out the 4-Track function on the funky, but powerful, little recorder that Don F. helped me buy.

(thanks Don!)