Monday, October 15, 2012

Today In Snookland (Part Deux)...Looks Like They Missed One.


As in 'one' pretty big group of public service workers:

Fifteen thousand community-based social service workers across B.C. will be in a position to strike as of tomorrow, October 16, 2012. Their job action will begin with a rally that will start at 10am at Premier Clark’s constituency office at 3615 West 4th Ave. in Vancouver. It will wrap up by 1pm...

Social workers?

We don't need no stinkin' social workers, right?

I mean, what do they actually do except work on the front lines with kids and families who are having difficulties with all kinds of social stuff?

Like, say, oh I dunno...



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Grant G said...

Government must revise its state of mind on mental health services
10 Nov '09

The BC government seems to think a one-size-fits-all approach to helping people in crisis is the way to go. But saving lives is not just a dollars-and-cents business.

The government plans to cut funding and replace the six community-based crisis lines on Vancouver Island with one central call centre. It claims this is a "best practice" that "makes a lot more administrative sense."

But will it help save lives?

Will it cost more in the short-term in immediate expensive emergency response services? Will it cost more in the long-term if fewer people get the follow-up support services they need?

And how do you calculate the cost of even one person's life lost to suicide, if they don't get the right help at the right time?

The government doesn't know.

It hasn't done any consultation with Vancouver Island communities, service providers, or crisis line clients. That is not what I'd call a best practices approach.

Join me in calling on the government of British Columbia to reverse the mounting cuts it's making to mental health services around our province."


Bullying you say....Not too sure Ross K, you know, "best practices" and all..

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