Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Eight Percent Solution...


Ever wondered about about this new-fangled, crowd-sourced funding business that all the young hipsters are talking about these days?


Have you ever wondered how accordian/guitar playing wretches with the remaining ink barely even visible on their hands anymore could make a whole bunch of kids happy, not to mention healthy.


Meet the children of Angelitos Felices!

The header?....They're at 92% of their goal...Try it, you'll like it (and feel good too)...



Anonymous said...

Felices... made me think José Feliciano

paul said...

Jody's up there right now. She took a bunch of bologna sandwiches - mortadella, they call it here - and some underwear for the older gals, and they were all going to hang out in the sort-of park nearby.
Latest big change is a washing machine, delivered Friday and bought locally. People here mostly do wash by hand - we do - but for 20-plus kids it's hard. Between the showers and the washer, life will be way more pleasant and the kids already don't have what I used to think of as the orphanage smell. That couldn't have been good at school.
Next, painting the incredibly dingy walls and then tile on the floor.
Meanwhile, a great young woman has started an alternative day care here which she hopes to grow into a foster care/orphan home too. She's pretty impressive - see

RossK said...

That's so great Paul.

Thanks for the update, and the link.