Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Cummins Coup Ctd....And Then There Were Two.


Well, well, well....

What was once, apparently, 21 is now down to two.

JFowlie of theVSun has the latest 'letter' from those trying force John Cummins out as leader of BC Conservative/Socred Parking Meter Party.

And this one is signed by a grand total of two (count 'em!) constituency association presidents:

Here is Mr. Fowlie's lede:

VICTORIA - The presidents of two B.C. Conservative Party constituency associations issued a formal call Tuesday morning for John Cummins to resign as leader.

"Our letter is the result of a groundswell of (constituency association) presidents who did not know each other, but found each other by circumstance and discovered a common theme in the shortcomings of your leadership," read a letter to Cummins written Tuesday by Allison Patton, president of the Surrey-White Rock constituency association, and Ariane Eckardt, president of Burnaby North.

"The division that has occurred within the B.C. Conservatives has occurred under your watch. This division has cost us our only sitting MLA and the possibility of having others who were ready to cross," it continued, not outlining what MLAs may also have been ready to join the party.

"In short, we want you to know we are NOT leaving-but we ask, for the sake of the party, that you do."...

The entire letter from two (count 'em!) BC Conservative party members from Surrey-White Rock and Burnaby North is at the bottom of Mr. Fowlie's post (in its entirety*).

Interestingly, according to Bernard von Schulmann,  the Surrey-White Rock constituency association came into being in 2011 and raised a grand total of $125 in that year. Guess that is not where the 'big money' came from, eh?

Perhaps even more interestingly,  Burnaby North came into being just this year....Mr. von Schulmann also noted that a very large proportion of folks from the latter 'brand new' CA's signed the original coup letter.


The VSun header, of course, is very different than Mr. Fowlie's piece (and is quite irresponsible in my opinion)...It goes like this: "B.C. Conservative Party members meet ultimatum with a call for Cummins to resign"...
*I'll get back to the matter of the 'full text' of coup letters later...


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