Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Morning Ride...Trouble In Upper West Cremeville


Taken on that strip of Boulevard along 16th that would be perfect for an LRT to the far Western edge of CremeVille.

Looks like some finest of fine folks' gardeners have been doing a little unauthorized biomass dispersal.

Of course, if such an LRT proposal ever got serious consideration you can bet the astroturf would be laid immediately and a grassrootsian 'Save Our Boulevard!' group would suddenly turn up on the front page of the VSun....Or some such thing...



North Van's Grumps said...

I saw the same signs on Monday and wasn't quite sure whether the City's intended "targets" were the neighbours across the street or others who have a "not in my backyard" mentality ..... such as those who sell their services to rid customers of unwanted leaves from private property....for MONEY, but not following through by disposing them in a proper fashion....

Anonymous said...

Interesting dialogue between two neighbours on Marguerite a few years ago. One bagging leaves the other raking leaves onto the street. He said something like he doesn't buy plastic bags because his taxes pay for the city to clean up the mess. Like so many folks they then park their cars on the piles thus impeding cleanup.


Eleanor Gregory said...

Always bugs me when folks rake or blow their leaves into the street. In our neighbourhood that results in clogged storm drains and large pools of water everywhere. I actually saw someone blowing leaves into the street on to Nelson Street between Howe and Hornby, right across from the Law Courts.

Chris said...

Ha. I've been sneaking out at night doing guerrilla-style raking raids around my hood, trying to collect the mountain of compostable leaves I need to turn my dustbowl out back into a usable garden. I'm trying to hit the yards of old folks to save them the work... but it's hell to rake silently. I don't know how the tooth fairy does it.

Anyway, back to Cremedelacremeville... Some people's gardeners, eh? Hard to get good help.

RossK said...


I don't think the two are necessarily mutually exclusive of the signs' intent.


Turned left off Balaclava onto 13th this morning, ran smack dab into a massive pile which was kind of fun. powering over and out of - felt like a kid again (which the bike riding does all the time to be honest). Luckily, however, there were no cars around to run me over.


In our neighbourhood folks actually like crowding around the drain at the bottom of the hill so that we can congratulate each other when we unclog it.


Some people's gardeners, indeed...

Hey! I think you'll like Sooey's most excellent latest (for all kinds of reasons) called 'Will Rake For Food'.