Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Tanking Of The Thinking...Fisking The CTF.


The Exile does it again by going to the actual source data, this time to demonstrate that statements by the CTF's Mr. Jordan Batemen about carbon taxes and rates of consumption are 'odd'.

Go read the Exile's entire post, and remember it next time you hear/see Mr. Batemen get a free pass on a local 'lectronic media outlet near you.



kootcoot said...

Assuming that our Jordan would trend Republican if he were American, or Stevie's ConJobs in Canada, he is most likely of the school that considers "facts" irrelevant. Like the ReThug types who openly declare they refuse to be accountable to fact checkers - or Bu$h/Cheney, who created their own reality and catapulted the propaganda.

Our little Stevie is in a class of his own, firing scientists, dismantling entire scientific agencies and eliminating the obligatory long form census which is the only way for it to be statistically valid. Otherwise those who do choose to file it, even if more actually do fill it out, are not a statistically valid sample, being self selected for unknown and likely unknowable motives.

Of course for our prancing and mincing Steven Treason, facts are merely an inconvenience, not nearly as important as ideology and Corporate orders from his masters who will donate big and find cushy positions for washed up pols who do their biding.

Norm Farrell said...

RossK, according to Stats Canada, comparing 2007 (the last year without carbon tax in BC) to 2011, taxable fuel consumed on public roads declined by 0.4% while, in the rest of Canada, it increased 2.3%.

Mr. Bateman is aware but these numbers are inconvenient to his purpose.

RossK said...


I don't entirely blame the turf layers themselves.


Because I hold most of my contempt for the lazy in the proMedia who use their pablum as frames for their 'stories'.


So to quote a certain former US VP that would be an. inconvenient, uhhhhh....