Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cummins Coup ctd....Crazy Train Going Off The Rails?


According to the BC Conservative Party 'dissidents', it was David Wilder who negotiated with, and obtained a resignation from, John Cummins before their presser yesterday.

All of which makes the following, just out from Jeff Nagel, of the Black Press most interesting:

...The dispute (between leader Cummins and the 'dissidents')  took a new twist Thursday morning when (Surrey-White Rock CA president Allison) Patton and Burnaby North constituency president Ariane Eckardt claimed Cummins reneged on a tentative deal that was to have seen him resign.

They said the arrangement brokered by Vancouver-Quilchena constituency president David Wilder was to have seen Peterson take over as interim leader and for Cummins to be paid $4,000 per month for six months...

The Patton-Eckardt news release said they believed Cummins was going to resign Wednesday afternoon, particularly after he twice delayed making a statement.

"According to further reports from Mr. Wilder, we discovered Mr. Cummins did not want Mr. Peterson to assume the position but that he wanted one of the women as Deputy Leader until he resigned by Friday," the news release said.

"We accepted the terms of his resignation via Mr. Wilder. To our surprise by 4 p.m. when our press conferences took place, Mr. Cummins had made no indication of this arrangement."

Cummins called the Patton-Eckardt statement an "absolute fabrication"
that has also incensed Wilder and said his possible resignation was "absolutely not" discussed at the Wednesday meeting...


So, if the 'dissidents' are, indeed, being extremely economical with the truth on this particular matter, is there anything else they have been similarly parsimonious with that has made its way into the public prints recently?

Please note: I have also heard from The Province's Cassidy Olivier on the TwittMachine that Mr. Wilder told him that the dissidents' statement/e-mail was a 'gross misrepresentation'.



Grant G said...

Doesn`t make sense Ross...

How come they couldn`t amass 100 against Cummins, or 50..

Cummins told Phillip Til this mormimg, on air..

"I`m isn`t going anywhere, i`ll be leading the party into the upcoming election"

Furthermore, he described this coup, the noise as a "Pebble in a empty can"

RossK said...


I would agree that, at the very least, the evidence is mounting that the group may not represent a 'solid majority' of the active party.


Don F. said...

This all brings to mind a joke between a lawyer and a farmer from somewhere in my past.
Someone here has been around the block a few times more than the other.

RossK said...


Nice one.

Thing is, especially these days, sometimes the land the farmers are spreading their loads of fertilizer on is owned by others who, themselves, have done a whole lot of block circling (not to mention wurlitzering).