Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Christy Goes To Calgary (ctd.)......The Quantuming.


While yesterday was all about the environment, today it was, apparently, all about the money (once again).

In fact, Ms. Clark, speaking to Tex and Edna Boyle's Public Policy and Organ Emporium, told a student audience (say, what?)  that B.C. Hydro might withhold power for the Northern Gateway pipeline unless she gets what she wants.

But what, precisely does she want?

Well, here is as much as Carrie Tait, writing in the Globe, could fathom:

...(W)hen Ms. Clark was asked how much money would satisfy her, she said she does not know yet. She does not know what the money would be used for, either.

“In terms of the amount of money, the quantum? I can’t tell you that because we haven’t even started a conversation about it,” she said. “This project can’t go ahead unless there’s a conversation. Since July I’ve been saying: ‘Let’s have a conversation about it.’”

“I’m like the Maytag repairman,” Ms. Clark added. “My phone is still not ringing.”...


The grifter-in-chief is now comparing herself to a sad-sack actor in an old Tee-Vee commercial.

And she thinks this will repair the gender splits that will doom her forever if she does not repair them pronto?



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