Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Christy Leaves Calgary...The Chumpening



According to our flippity, floppity and flappitudinally fallacious premier, Ms. Christy Clark, even if it was all about the money it doesn't matter because well, it's chump change anyway, and, you know.....


Or some such thing.

Don Braid in the Calgary Herald had the story. Here's his lede:

CALGARY — Before heading home from her excellent Alberta misadventure, B.C. Premier Christy Clark fired off one last Christy cruncher, an instant classic.

B.C. is building five liquefied natural gas projects that will be worth $1 trillion by 2020, she boasted.

“The benefits of the Enbridge (oil pipeline) proposal at the moment are chump change compared to that,” said this peculiar unelected premier, who can seem perfectly normal for about five minutes...

There was something else interesting tucked away deep in Mr. Braid's story that makes a whole lotta sense given the fact that it is now abundantly clear that this was all a pre-planned, policy-free publicity stunt planned by Jelly Roll et al. down to the last detail: 

...Clark spoke Tuesday at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy — an event to which she invited herself.

“We got a call from her people a couple of weeks ago,” says school spokesman Morten Paulsen. “They said she would like to speak to our students. We could not be more pleased to have a sitting premier do that.”...


Wonder if, in the next iteration Ms. Clark's CV will indicate that, like the Sorbonne, she also 'attended' the UofC School of Public Policy?

Regardless, we'll leave the parting shot on this one to the CHerald's Mr. Braid.


Because he utters words of truth that you will not often (if ever) read from the Lotuslandian landed media gentry:

...(Ms. Clark) is, by a wide measure, the most inconsistent, self-contradictory and desperate politician in Canada...




kootcoot said...

Ross, when I read this, "(Ms. Clark) is, by a wide measure" I can't help but think of New Joisie Guv (R), Chris Christie, who is by wide measure perhaps the widest in the ReThuglican CockUs. I know appearance shouldn't be addressed but this guy is morbidly obese and a heart attack just waiting to happen. He probably wasn't given the nod for VP because what good is a dead VP (except that is the preferred condition of Dickhead Cheney - who has had the gall to survive so many heart attacks I've lost count and now has a new one. Maybe Cheney survived so many heart attacks because his heart was so little utilized in his metabolism.

Sorry for the OT trip to Amerika, but I saw some footage of Christie w/o a podium in front of him and it looked like he was wearing a giant donut shaped life preserver around his middle.

And excuse my ignorance again, but who is 'Jelly Roll' in GazetteerLand?

RossK said...


(non jazz musician version)


cfvua said...

Hello Ross.

The full article reveals a lot about how the Cowtown folks view BC. Especially the gas producing area in the NOrtheast. They think they own it due to somebody making a survey mistake and accidentally including any petroluem resources in BC boundaries. The fact that the big producers think they can simply ride/fly into Lotusland and influence government has always been a problem for anyone making a living providing service to those companies. NOt enough emphasis has been placed on promoting BC jobs in the process. Hence the lack of revenues produced when the lion's share of royalties are returned via "credit"programs which are just subsidies by any other name. If BC workers were being used in lieu of the masses of Albertans brought in, maybe our income tax revenues would show an increase due to the "stimulus" we are told that the subsidies create. since this is not the case, we can thank those generous folks for their donations to the liberals(who, as indicated in the article are the preferred party)and now the NDP for some of our financial woes.
The whole business is strange enough to make any Quebec construction tycoon blush.

RossK said...

Thanks for the further analysis cfvua.

'tis important and worth watching given Ms. Clark's claim of a 'trillion dollar' business.