Thursday, October 04, 2012

Is Obama Ropin' The Dope?



I see a lot of folks are taking Mr. Obama to task for not shouting down Mr. Romney last night for lying.


But here's the thing.

This is not 2004.

Or even 2008.

Because there is now amplifiable pushback happening out in the wider world.

And thus, people with clout will fisk what Romney had to say, on the record, in front of millions (i.e. not just a few billionares at a fifty thousand dollar-a-plate dinner or twenty).

People like Paul Krugman in the pages of the NYTimes:

OK, so Obama did a terrible job in the debate, and Romney did well. But in the end, this isn’t or shouldn’t be about theater criticism, it should be about substance. And the fact is that everything Obama said was basically true, while much of what Romney said was either outright false or so misleading as to be the moral equivalent of a lie.
Above all, there’s this:
MR. ROMNEY: Let — well, actually — actually it’s — it’s — it’s a lengthy description, but number one, pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan.
No, they aren’t. Romney’s advisers have conceded as much in the past; last night they did it again.
I guess you could say that Romney’s claim wasn’t exactly a lie, since some people with preexisting conditions would retain coverage. But as I said, it’s the moral equivalent of a lie; if you think he promised something real, you’re the butt of a sick joke.
And we’re talking about a lot of people left out in the cold — 89 million, to be precise....


In my opinion, leaving a certain degree of the fisking/fact-checking to others, is important.


Because, also in my opinion, it would appear that the only thing that can really derail Mr. Obama now is if the 'uppity' meme (and yes, I know that's code, but the Sean Hannity's and Tucker Carlson's of the media world were already running with it pre-debate as a kind of innoculum) gets rolling.




Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Point taken but didn't Obama come across just a little too Mondale on Wednesday night? A little too Carol James?

RossK said...


But all I'm not saying that, in this case at least, he is not running against St. Reagan or even the Gord.

And besides Wally M. is the opposite of a Kenyan Socialist Usurper who receives regular stem cell transfusions from the preserved bodily fluids of Saul Alinsky.


Grant G said...

Ah, even the CNN pundits were disappointed, the Americans want zingers, insults and hate..

George bush, george bush, george bush, bains bains bains, cayman islands cayman islands cayman islands.....Feel better now Wolfy Blizter

R.I.P big bird,

RossK said...


Saw that Grant.

Something else in there...

Have a look at the prison pop %, by religion.

Looks like our screamers might be screaming for the wrong heads.


Put another way, in the type of pretzel logic that only the screamers can understand when it suits their purposes....

Why is the pope sending so many of his flock to our prisons?