Thursday, April 23, 2009

Campaign Day 10 (cont'd)....Attack Of The Killer PAB Bots!


Not too long ago, back when Hansard's Revenge began it's 34th reincarnation in the form of The Kin-Rail Mutual Symbiosis Project, I mentioned that I was suddenly being visited by multiple media minders from the domain.


Those visits have intenstified in the last few days.

Although now the visitors are more focussed.

In fact, agent #186 has visited no fewer than eleven times in the last 24 hours.

Kinda creepy if you think about it.

Of course, I have long assumed that most of those visits have come from the infamous, and fabulously well-paid, Public Affairs Bureau, but I could be wrong. After all, it could, I suppose, just as easily be a legion of folks on the inside that actually enjoys what is written and discussed here. If that's the case I sure would like to hear from you all. You can always contact me offline by mail at
I've also long thought that the PABst Blue/Red Ribbon Brigade's Spider Bots were out to get me but, at least in terms of Agent #186, I don't think that is likely the case. Why? Well, firstly, they don't sample enough pages each time they visit. And secondly, they always seem to quit work by about 4:00pm.
Oh, and just so all you fine folks from Gloucester ,who flock over from the domain, know....You are not wasting your monitoring time either....Because I've got a big Listeriosis post coming....You do remember some of the previous ones don't you?....Well, in case you're new to the job, or even you just want to get a head start on your briefing notes, you can always start with this....


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