Friday, April 24, 2009

Campaign Day 11 (cont')...Hmmmm...Which Actually Hurts People?



Which does actually physically hurt, maim, and sometimes even kill, people?

Facebook pictures.....


Car crashes involving speed?

British Columbia's top cop will be hitching rides for the rest of the election campaign.

Public Safety Minister John van Dongen announced Friday that his driver's licence has been suspended for speeding.

The lead-footed Liberal cabinet minister said he got a letter from the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles notifying him of the suspension.

Van Dongen said he mailed his driver's licence in to the office and won't be appealing the decision.

"I fully understand and accept responsibility for my driving behaviour and believe it is my duty to fully and completely comply with the decision," van Dongen said in a statement.

"I fully recognize the importance of public safety and compliance with the law on our roads. The law applies equally to me as it does to everyone else and I strongly support that."

So will Mr. van Dongen be stepping down like, say Mr. Ray Lam?

Of course not, at least not according to Mr. van Dongen's boss, BC Liberal leader Gordon Campbell:

Premier Gordon Campbell said the suspension was probably embarrassing for his minister and admitted that van Dongen's penchant for putting the pedal to the metal caught him by surprise.

"I don't know about everyone's driving record. If we said to people 'if you have any driving infractions you're not eligible to run for office,' we'd have a pretty small legislature," Campbell told reporters.

Alrighty then.

And the bonus for Mr. Campbell and his Greeniacal Sycophantia?

Well, Mr. van Dongen's carbon footprint will definitely be smaller for a while.


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