Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Night At The Moodies....


Went for a bike ride with littler e. this afternoon after starting the full frontal assault on the front yard moss.

And, after snowing last week, it was suddenly T-shirt weather which was nice, if unexpected somehow. As a result e. insisted we stop to check out the flowers at the Windsor Castle mini-park on The Ridgeway.

Nothing really, actually Blue happening at the moment (as per the title of post).....just have to read a honkin' thick thesis....So.... All locked in to Radio Woodshed and I'm ready to rock off the Sunday Night Homework melancholy......

(more RailGate stuff ready to roll tomorrow)

Oh, and just so you know, the Boys and Girls from the PABst (con)Blue/(fauxred)Lib Breweries and Media Monitoring emporium were busy burnin' the weekend oil today.....Hmmmmm.....must be a Slow Election Train Comin'....Then again, given their level of compensation, maybe we should actually expect spin 24/7.