Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Campaign Day 9 (cont'd)....Do Stone Walls Have Ears?


From a very good piece of reportage on real democracy in action by Jessica Kerr in today's Delta Optimist.....

....Delta South hopefuls saw a wide range of questions -- everything from the South Fraser Perimeter Road to a remand centre -- at the second all-candidates forum of the campaign Monday night in Ladner.....


....Liberal candidate Wally Oppal incited boos from some in the crowd when he stated: "I'm clearly in favour of the South Fraser Perimeter Road. We need it... I'm in favour of it as long as the environment is protected."....


"If Delta doesn't want it (a remand center/jail), it won't be put here. It's as simple as that," he (Oppal) said.

Oppal and the actions of his government over the past eight years received another rough ride from the crowd. Hecklers interrupted the attorney general several times during his closing statements....."


Kind of makes you wonder what would happen if Gordon Campbell showed up at an All-Candidate's meeting in his home riding of Point Grey and was forced to answer questions about why he agreed to cut the heart out of the very Public Pacific Spirit Park to save the edges of one of his best buddy's favorite very Private golf course.

Please note the four red 'p's.....It's just like a P3....On bad steroids and Frisco Speedballs.
Alternative header for this post......
"If A Boo Bounces Off A Stone Wall, Does Anybody Hear?"


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