Thursday, April 30, 2009

Campaign Day 17 (con'td)....Where Isn't Gordon Campbell Today?


As we've already noted ad nauseum, it's easy to figure out where the Manager-In-Chief is campaigning at any given moment in trivia....errrrr....time.

But figuring out where he won't be is way more fun....



Where WON'T Gordon Campbell be campaigning today?

Well we're pretty sure he won't be visiting the magnificent Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park located smack dab in the middle of some of the most truly beautiful rainforest Vancouver Island has to offer.


Well, thanks to Gordon Campbell that park will be closed an extra 50 days this year for no good reason at all.

Oh and just so you know, as he hires on even more flack-hackery to pump the media's bilges and run the Public Affairs Bureau, which now stands at more than 200 strong and costs us more than $30 million dollars a year in 'direct' costs*....

....At the same time Gordon Campbell is firing park rangers left, right and center (it's non-partisan!).

Now that's a "Manager-In-Chief" who has his priorities straight!


Which brings to my last point....

I wonder if Mr. Campbell and/or the real upper management running this province has ever thought of outsourcing us.

The people of British Columbia I mean.

After all, it seems to me that things would be so much easier for them if that was, indeed, the case.

Don't you think?

*The true costs are very possibly three times that much, given all the media bilge pumpin' that also goes on in individual ministries separate from the 'official' budget ot the PABst Blue/Red Ribbon Brigade. This would put the cost to absolutely nothing (except screw us) for a year somwhere in the ballpark of what it might cost to buy back the Jordan River Lands (a give away to Upper Management that the PAB helped 'sell' by the way).....Now that's the best middle management money can buy....Yessirreee.


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