Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Campaign Day 8 (cont'd)....Oh What A Tangled Web Gord Weaves


Laila Yule has the very interesting 'corporate' story.

In fact, she's got a whole funnel-web full of links and analysis that ends with this:

".....Now, isn’t that something? When you read the links, hear and understand the story of how all these companies and politicians work together, doesn’t it make you wonder what else the BC Liberals will sell?

But what does Gordon Campbell have to say about all this, while he’s on the campaign trail telling all the forestry workers how hes saving their jobs, making BC lumber important, blah blah blah…..?

How does he justify all of this?...."

Me, I'm not entirely sure.

But, again, it's just one more reason why we should ask ourselves....Which Gordon Campbell will we get come May 13th if he is re-elected?

Will it be a kinder/gentler Gordo v3.0?

Or will it, perhaps, be an even scarier, reincarnation of the 2001 'slash and burn' version that we have suggested should be known as Gordo v1.1.

Somehow, what with the economic downturn and all, I think we just might get the latter.



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