Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Campaign Day 16.....Where Won't Gordon Campbell Be Today?


Regardless the inanities of his Twitter feed, for obvious reasons Mr. Campbell won't be going to Houston to visit Enron*.

But that doesn't mean he wouldn't be happy to get together with Kenny Boy Lay's old accountants.

*Unless, of course, that deal the Preem made with the Big D to go hard right young man as the millenium turned included an all expenses paid 'Journey To That Big Ponzi Scheme At The Center Of The Earth'.
Oh, and while he might not be up for a trip to Houston, that doesn't mean that Mr. Campbell isn't above sending his lickspittles to get some 'help' with his plans to greenwash everything.... (aaaahhh....the the 'G', it never forgets either).


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