Friday, April 17, 2009

Campaign Day 4 (cont'd)....Is StoneWally Doomed In South Delta?


Well, you've gotta hand it to Wally Oppal.

At least he showed up for an all-candidates' meeting in his 'new' riding of South-Delta (which, itself, probably says how tough he's in against independent Vicki Huntington):

B.C. Liberal candidate Wally Oppal got a rough ride in his first all-candidates meeting in his new riding Thursday night when he faced off in Ladner against four others at an all-candidates debate.

More than 100 people filled the Delta high school library in the suburb south of Vancouver for the forum organized by the Delta Teachers Association, the district's Parents Advisory Council and CUPE.

At the meeting his new constituents forced him to defend his government's funding for teachers, public schools and special needs children. Many were upset also Oppal didn't oppose controversial high-voltage power transmission line upgrades that ran through several residential parts of the riding.

"If you were passionate about Tsawwassen, you would have done something," shouted one audience member during a noisy exchange......."


Maybe Wally should have responded that he couldn't do or say anything about anything because, as Attorney General, he was 'always before the courts'.



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