Thursday, April 30, 2009

Campaign Day 17 (cont'd)....Finally, Here's Something We Can Really Vote For.



It's not like I don't believe in the superiority of a party that values people over perks for pols and the privatization of all things public for no good reason at all.

But still....

This is the kind of thing I really want:

NDP Leader Carole James swung through Vancouver Island today promising to protect the Jordan River lands and reverse plans to close Cowichan Lodge seniors’ care home in Duncan.


In Langford, James said an NDP government would negotiate with Western Forest Products to acquire 12,000 hectares known as the Jordan River lands stretching from Sooke to Renfrew.

Former forests minister Rich Coleman allowed the company to remove the private land from a publicly controlled tree farm licence in 2007. Once the land was out, the company faced less stringent regulations and could sell it off to developers....


Image above from the 'Dogwood Initiative' ...... Paul Willcocks exposes the corporate give away of the Jordan River Lands for what it is/was here.


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